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Books by Aisha Brown

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When I write non-fiction, you won't find that under a pen name. I love writing under a pen name, but when it comes to real life, I want to always be transparent.

My Story

I had the opportunity to share my story on a podcast. Here me tell how God healed me during my time of grief and loss.

With God, healing from grief and loss is possible.

Aisha Brown struggled with infertility for much of her marriage. The more babies she lost, the more she moved away from God. It wasn't all at once, but it was enough to make a difference in her relationship with God. The longer she moved away, the more anxiety and depression set in. Anxiety and depression took over her life and caused her to live a life of seclusion. When she was at the end of her rope, she called out to God and she found that He had been waiting for her to return to Him. In this story of heartache and grief, Brown shares her story and what she did to find God again. If you're looking for encouragement this is the book to read.

t's easy.

Are you in a funk?

Getting out of a funk.png

This journal was created with a busy woman in mind. YOU. We get it. Ten minutes of peace and quiet by yourself is scarce these days. Think of this journal as your escape and think of us as your spiritual cheerleaders. Partner with us for the next 25 days and invite Jesus to be with you during your ten minutes of peace and transformation.

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