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Books by Chrishaun Life

Welcome to my Christian Fiction and Clean Romance world. I write fiction under the pen name Chrishaun Life. Want to see how far God will go to save His children? Read the "Changes" series. 


Also, enjoy my clean romance, novelettes. These are short books that can be read in less than 2 hours. 

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A Story of Transformation

"A fast-paced and ultimately uplifting family drama." - Kirkus Review

Most women would be very leery of Shanale. And they have a reason to be. She is a home-wrecker. She feels she's enjoying life, but she will find that the life she's wrecking is her own.
Niesy and Kai are Shanale's sister and niece. They have their share of problems too. Niesy's live-in boyfriend should never be around children, and Kai's newfound love will be harmful to her health.
Finding the pathway to God is not always clean and neat. It's not always easy, either. The choices we make can move us so far from God that it's hard to think He would ever love us. These three women are in a position to learn that God can save anyone.

If you enjoy inspiring stories of characters who overcome unthinkable situations, you'll want to read "Changes: A Story of Transformation”.


How do you live after God has saved you from the unthinkable? The ladies are trying to figure it out. They learned some hard lessons and now they're trying to navigate their Christian lives. Shanale may not be a home-wrecker anymore but as she grows in her career she meets a woman who is bigger and badder than she could ever think she was. Niesy is living the dream as a newlywed. She is finding that life can be good. Kai is navigating her new world and getting to know who she was truly meant to be. Sadly, as they are finding their way, life will show them, the hard way, that they will always need to depend on God.

Just because we're saved doesn't mean life magically gets better. We still live in the real world and life still happens. But the longer we live life the more we learn to see God as our compass. All three ladies will see how God can change us.

Taking Flight

In the final book of the series, The ladies are still learning that the life of a Christian is a journey not an event. Life's journey is filled with twists and turns.

Shanale is preparing for marriage and trying to make the right choices. She will learn that life can really throw some curveballs. Niesy is still a newlywed and she's learning that her vows are just starting to kick in, for better or worse. Kai's new friend has some questionable behavior and she finds that doubting herself comes all too easy.

God didn't promise us that life would always be rosy. But there are times when He will give us the desires of a heart and if we're not careful we could almost miss out. All three ladies will see how God can bless us when we least expect it.

Don't miss the twisted end of the Changes Series!

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Falling For Her Ex

Lena is a young aspiring writer, but she’s afraid to put her work on the market. When she secretly shares her book with her publishing boss, who can smell a best-seller in his sleep, he tells her it’s no good. Lena has to decide if she should let go of her dreams or go behind his back to see if she has what it takes to become a best-seller. Her ex finds out and he has plans of his own for getting her back.
Set in Kansas City, post-covid, "Falling for her ex” is a short read for those who enjoy fun and romance.

*This is a novelette: It is a short read*

Falling_KDP Cover.jpg

Falling For His Roommate

Noah is starting over. After his fiancé dumps him, he decides to move back home. All he wants to do is have fun while he builds his business. That becomes hard to do with 2 female roommates and their beautiful friends around...especially when he is falling for one of them.


Simone never had a reason to believe in love. Life has been very unkind to her. As she nears her 25th birthday, another milestone is on the horizon as well. Also, her new roommate brings back old memories that confuse her life in ways she never expected.


Falling for His Roommate is a sweet story about the power of connection and the hope of love.

*This is a novelette: It is a short read*

Falling for...Valentine's Day Series-8.jpg

Falling for Her Boss

Ex-basketball player, Jackson Williams is Lisa Jackson's new boss, but she's not a fan. It's probably because he just stole her job. Now, she's been recruited to make him an "office man" and the odds are against her. Lisa and Jackson are off to a rocky start, has consequences that Lisa is prepared for. For readers of the Falling for...Series. This final book shows that love after heartbreak can be a sweet second chance.


*This is a novelette: It is a short read*

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