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A Story of Transformation


"A fast-paced and ultimately uplifting family drama." - Kirkus Review

Most women would be very leery of Shanale. And they have a reason to be. She is a home-wrecker. She feels she's enjoying life, but she will find that the life she's wrecking is her own.
Niesy and Kai are Shanale's sister and niece. They have their share of problems too. Niesy's live-in boyfriend should never be around children, and Kai's newfound love will be harmful to her health.
Finding the pathway to God is not always clean and neat. It's not always easy, either. The choices we make can move us so far from God that it's hard to think He would ever love us. These three women are in a position to learn that God can save anyone.

If you enjoy inspiring stories of characters who overcome unthinkable situations, you'll want to read "Changes: A Story of Transformation”.

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