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It’s not about perfection

I know that thinking about grammar and spelling can be a hindrance to writing.

Let me remove that block right now.

When you are writing your first draft it will be messy. Period.

I know that some people say, try to make your first draft as close to your final draft as you can.

I already struggle with making a plan, before I write. It’s hard to wait until I have a good plan to start writing.

Now, you want me to try to make my first draft beautiful?

That’s not going to happen.

Once I have my plan, I just have to write. I have been holding it in for so long, when it’s time to write, it’s time to write.

There is a step in the writing process called “editing and revising”.

There is a reason for that.

You can worry about grammar, spelling and where to put a question mark at that time.

Just Write

If you spend time worrying about how to get all the errors taken care of while you write, you will take forever writing the story.

Start with creating a great story.

Start creating a story that you and your readers will fall in love with.

Get those characters making mistakes with all those flaws.

Break them down so badly that they have no where else to go but up.

Then give them opportunity for redemption.

Create the story that is going to have your readers holding on for the ride.

Do you enjoy the story?

Really?...Do you enjoy the story?

If you hate writing it, your readers will most likely hate reading it.

Writing should really come from your heart.

As always, some people may disagree.

I’m sure some people may have written best sellers that they hated.

I can’t argue with that.

But when we love what we’re writing, we make it possible for others to love it too.

So think about it. Do you enjoy your story?

If you do, chances are that others will too.

Share with others and get feedback

It’s important to get feedback on your writing.

But it’s not wise to just share it with any and everyone.

When it’s time to share your writing, share it with people you really trust.

You want critiques not criticism. You want valuable information on how to improve.

You can even create a questionnaire to go along with your story so you can get feedback on what you know you need to work on.

I get feedback on my writing from people I know who won’t just say “good job!”

I ask them to look for errors and ways that I can improve.

Yes, sometimes the truth hurts, but it’s necessary for growth.

I always want to be a better writer.

Look for those people who will encourage you but also push you to grow.


Stop worrying about writing the perfect draft the first time.

Some people can do it, but it’s not a requirement for everyone.

Take some time to get your thoughts out and work on the story first.

Stop focusing on what will hinder your creativity.

Just write.

Don’t try to have perfect spelling and grammar in the beginning.

Some of the best writers have editors so all that they have to focus on is the story.

That may be the route you go, but just make sure the story is written first.

I hope this was helpful for you.

What else do you need help with?

Let me know in the comments.

Until next time!


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